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Design your products, share a link and start selling!

  • Face Mask
    Price US$ 20.00
    Quantity 50
  • T Shirt (Unisex)
    Price US$ 27.50
    Quantity 50
  • Classic Hoodie (Unisex)
    Price US$ 45.00
    Quantity 30
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=US$ Profit

no minimum orders - no holding stock - no collecting payments
no risk


Custom Design Printing is the most profitable fundraising idea available, because it allows an organization to profit from selling merchandise, with no risk or capital investment!

There are no set up costs, no subscriptions and no hidden fees. You simply profit from every item you sell.

Our printing fees are included in each product’s base cost (the minimum price above). So we subtract these fees whenever you sell an item. And most importantly, whatever you sell an item for above that base cost, is profit for your organization to keep. This is payed to you immediately when an order is placed, using Stripe Connect.

So use the Fundraising Calculator above to estimate what you could earn.

Then design some products and share your store. If you don’t sell anything, it won’t cost you a cent. If you sell 100 units, you’ll earn 100X the respective profit margin that you set on those products.


If you are organizing a fundraiser or looking for fundraising ideas, then you should raise money with a clothing fundraiser.

It takes less than five minutes of your time.

Step 1: Design Your Products (Or Let Us Do It)

You can either

Step 2: Set Your Prices

Set the prices on your products to incorporate a profit margin. This is how much you’ll earn from each sale.

Step 3: Share The Link To Your Store

Post your store on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; embed it on your website; email it to your mailing list.

Then sit back, and watch the orders come in.

Best of all, you don’t have to handle the orders or collect money. Each customer will check out through your store, we’ll print their items and ship them to them, and we’ll transfer you the profits from each sale.

So what are you waiting for? Design some products today, or request that our team does it for you (free of charge!)