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How It Works


Request Designs (30 Secs)

Upload your logo and tell us what products/colors you like


We'll Create Your Products

Our team will design your products and create you a unique store within 24 hours


Place Individual Orders

Order whichever products you like and share the link so others can order too


Well Ship Each Order

We'll print and ship each order directly to the customer


We'll Pay You Your Profit Margin

If you requested a Fundraiser Store, we'll transfer your profits with Stripe Connect

Make Your Own

Whether you want to make just t shirts... or a full range of merchandise.
If you want order just one item... or hundreds.
We're here to help.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Own T Shirts?

Our system is simple: the price you see on a product includes all of our fees.

Take the examples below: you can order one of those products, including your own front-side print design, for that price.

If you want to sell products to raise money, then you can set your own margin on top of that. With every sale, that profit margin is paid directly to you.

Our fees are included in the product’s sale price. That means you can design your own products, and even create a 100+ product store, today, at no cost.

If you sell nothing, it won’t cost you a cent. And for every product you do sell… our fees are included in the base price.

For example: a T Shirt (Unisex) is US$17.50 (front print included). You may design one today, and order it for yourself at that price. Alternatively, you may choose to create a free store, and set the price at US$30. Thereafter, you share the link, and for every sale you will earn US$12.50 (US$30.00-17.50)

Make your own t shirts, hoodies and other merchandise, without needing to order in large quantities.

With Custom Design Printing, you can make your own t shirts with no minimum orders, meaning that if you want to order just one of an item… no problem.

Place your order, and we’ll print it and dispatch it within a few days.

When you, or one of your customers/friends orders a product, we ship it directly to that customer.  This means you don’t have to hold or handle stock.

So if you’re wanting to make your own t shirts, hoodies and merchandise, but don’t want to waste your valuable capital by holding stock that might never sell, use Custom Design Printing and let us ship each order direct to the customer. 

One of the biggest hassles when making your own t shirts and merchandise, is collecting order information:

eg. “John wants an XL”; “Sally wants an S”.

On top of that you need to chase people up for payment, and when they don’t pay, you lose money.

These problems are non-existent with Custom Design Printing. When you make your own t shirts and merchandise with us, you just need to share the link.

Everyone can then place their own orders, selecting their relevant info (size, name, number) and paying immediately via our checkout. We then transfer the profits to you via Stripe Connect, making the entire process as easy as possible.

Make Your Own T Shirts Online Now!

Start selling your own t shirts and merchandise now. There are no upfront costs and no subscriptions. And we’ll do the design work for you!

You Can Choose to Create a Free Online Store

Once we’ve designed your products, we’ll put them into a unique store which you will have Admin access to.

Check out this example store to get an idea of how your store will look. Or, create your own by first Requesting Designs (Free).

Make Your Own T Shirts for a Fundraiser

Many of our customers use our site to make their own t shirts, hoodies and merchandise, and sell it for a fundraiser. Custom Design Printing is the best solution for profitable fundraising, because there are no upfront costs and no ongoing costs. 

You simply create your designs and products and share the link with your audience. If noone orders, then you haven’t lost any money. If 100 people order, you earn 100X the profit margin that you set.

We have a great interactive Fundraising Calculator to help you estimate your potential profits.

So explore our Fundraising Calculator and create some designs. You’ll see why churches, schools, sports teams and charities are using Custom Design Printing as the most profitable form of clothing fundraising.

Looking for Fundraising Ideas?

Add a profit margin to your products and…

Sell Merchandise Online