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Apply your designs to any of the following products

At Custom Design Printing, we design your very own custom t shirts, custom hoodies, custom sweaters, custom tanks and more.

Just submit your logo through Request Designs and our team will create the products you want for free. We’ll send you a link to your very own store and then you can order them as you please. They will be printed and shipped directly to you (or your customer).

Sell Custom T Shirts with a Free Online Store

If you’re wanting to design and sell your own custom t shirts, then use Custom Design Printing. We’ll create your products for you in a unique store (similar to this: Example Store).

All you need to do is share the link to your store, and people can start ordering. So share the link via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email… however you like. Then just sit back and watch as your audience shops and buys your custom t shirts, custom hoodies and other custom merchandise.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell Custom T Shirts and Custom Hoodies?

The prices you see above represent our base prices. That is the cost to print one of those items, including your own custom design on the front.

And that price includes all of our fees. There are no set up costs, no subscriptions. The price you see above is it.

So you can design your own T Shirt (Unisex) and order it for US$17.50.

Alternatively, you can create a free store for your design, and add a profit margin (eg. US$10). Thereafter, your store will see that product for US$27.50, and with every sale we will transfer you US$10 using Stripe Connect.

This is a great, risk free way to create your own custom t shirts and custom hoodies. Because there are no upfront costs or subscriptions, you have nothing to lose. If you sell nothing… it costs you nothing. If you sell 100… you’ll make 100 X the profit margin that you set.

Check out our Fundraising Calculator to estimate how much money you could make selling custom tshirts, custom hoodies, custom tanks and more.

Design Custom T Shirts Online

Use Request Designs to upload your logo/design and our team will do the rest. So design a custom t shirt for your church, school, family, sports team, charity or friends today. It’s quick and easy, and means that for only a few minutes work you can have your own products designed for you and your very own store.

Custom T Shirt Printing

Once you’ve Requested Designs, we’ll get those products and a store back to you within 24 hours. From there, you just place your order, it is instantly sent to our printers and then shipped directly to you.

Whereas other websites will make you wait until a minimum order quantity is reached (eg. 50 t shirts), at Custom Design Printing we have no minimum order quantities. So the moment you place your order, we begin processing it.

We use the latest in DTG technology to ensure that your custom t shirt designs are printed to the highest standard.

Custom Hoodie Designer, Custom Tank Designer and More

Our platform can be used for hoodies, crew sweaters, t shirts, tank tops and more. 

You can visualize your designs before you order them or before you post them to your free online store.

A Full Range of Custom Merchandise in Minutes

Use Custom Design Printing to create your very own custom online store, with as many products as you like.

There are no set up costs and no subscriptions, as our fees are included in each product’s base price.

So you can create a complete custom merchandise store today for free, and be selling products and earning profits simply by sharing the link.

Sell Custom Merchandise as a Fundraiser

With no set up costs and no subscriptions, Custom Design Printing is an amazing way to fundraise.

Sell custom merchandise as a fundraiser for your charity, church, school, sports team or organization.

Try our interactive Fundraising Calculator to see how much you could earn… all without having to commit any capital.